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Aug 25

Written by: PastorLouis
8/25/2017 5:09 PM 

 David, A Godly Sinner?  (8/13/17)

King David defeated the giant Goliath, was used by God to write about 1/3 of the Psalms, and is described by God as "a man after his own heart" (1 Samuel 13:14). However, King David also committed two of the most serious sins, adultery and murder! We can learn from David's victories as well as his shocking failures.

I.   We must avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time (2 Samuel 11:1).

God has serious warnings for us in His Word in regard to idleness. When we ignore our various duties and responsibilities, we often end up being in the wrong place at the wrong time. God does not allow us to be tempted beyond our capacity to resist and always provides a way of escape (1 Cor. 10:13). One way out for King David? To be off at war as most kings were at this time of year! Idleness warning = 2 Thess. 3:6

II.   We must flee the evil desires of youth (11:2-4; 2 Timothy 2:22).

11:2a - Why was David on the roof of his palace? Apparently he could not sleep?

This was not an innocent act!

(Guys watching Kings cheerleaders at games?) Lust = intentional thots of marital intimacy w/someone who is not our spouse! (Cp. Jesus in Matt 5:27-28)

- 1st, David was not at war as he should have been, idle at home.

2nd, David went up to the roof to lust after B. bathing on her rooftop.

3rd. David sent for her. Could she have resisted? Sure and risked death!

And where was B.'s husband, Uriah? Off at war where David should have been!

- David has sex w/B. How many wives + concubines did David have already?

At least 6 wives, and numerous concubines (1 Chron 3; 2 Sam. 5:13).

- King David had become blinded by his power, fame, success. He had shown signs of impulsive, reckless behavior. Cp. incident w/Nabal in 1 Sam. 25:33-34. David was going to slaughter all their men because of Nabal's insult to him and his men!

- We all must accept reality that even godly men and women can also commit any sin.

Actually, all of us cont 2 sin. Cp. 1 John 1:8, for believers! All of us fall short of God's holiness, but some sin has more severe consequences than others, lust vs adultery!

- God provides way of escape, but also we must condition our minds and actions to flee sources of lust, evil desires, cp Prov. 5:8, avoid path leading to door of adultress!

Or temptation of coveting? Avoid window shopping! Going online to shopping sites!

- God given safe guards, ie. the innocence we are born with. Cp LL saved from several serious sexual advances, temptations in college due to my ignorance, inexperience.

Set up by dorm guys in room next door!

- LL at camp in So Cal, unknown girl runs into my cabin to use bathroom!

III.   We must not cover up our sin with more sin (11:6-17, 25-27).

- King David commits adultery w/B. whose husband Uriah is at war.

B. gets pregnant (2 Sam. 11:4-5).

            A.            David's plan to get Uriah home to his wife (11:6-13). If he can get Uriah to come home + have sex w/his wife, her child may appear to be his???

            David's 1st plan to cover his sin, get husband U back from battle, make sure he goes home to have sex w/his wife B. (No paternity tests back then, but even so, people might have been able to do the math on when B got pregnant?)

- Anyway, this plan did not work 1st nite, 2nd nite David even got Uriah drunk!

(Bible does not condemn alcohol, just abuse, getting drunk! Eph. 5:18; Is. 5:11, 22)

But not the contrast of Uriah's honor to David's evil attempts to cover his sin, 11:11!

BTW, Uriah is listed among the list of great warriors for Israel, 2 Sam 23:39.

History of the Hittites, a people group known for their military skill + power. But the Hittites were most likely broken up by the Assyrians to their east. Group of Hittites ended up in Palestine area where God eventually brought the Israelites to the Promised Land. Some of these Hittites became followers of the God of Israel. Uriah's name in Hebrew means "God is my light!"

- Incredible contrast between David and Uriah in this horrible moral failure by David and especially seen in David's attempts to cover up his sin of adultery. Cp. Billy Graham committing adultery with wife of a relatively young new Christian whose family bkgd was totally non Christian!

- David's 1st plan failed. So his wicked heart went even further. Perhaps David enraged by Uriah's honor and high moral integrity in contrast to his own depravity?!?

            B.            David's plan to have Uriah die in battle (11:14-17).

When his 1st plan failed, David's evil plans escalated, have Uriah die in battle so he could marry B ASAP. Note how evil David's plan was, he even sent plans for Uriah's death to be delivered by Uriah's own hands - 11:14. (Multiplication of sin, involves Joab now!)

- Its clear God holds David responsible for murdering Uriah, even though he used enemy soldiers to actually kill Uriah - Nathan's rebuke in 2 Sam. 12:9.

            C.            David marries Bathsheba (11:25-27).

David thot he managed to cover up all his sin, but 11:27 reminds us God always knows!

1 Sam 12. God sends his prophet Nathan to confront David. David's response? Next Sun!

IV.   While all sin can be forgiven, consequences may differ.

            (Galatians 6:7; Hebrews 12:9-11)

- some may say if King David could commit such sins and be forgiven, why not sin?

God's grace must not be abused, God sovereignly working good from our evil does not erase possible negative consequences of our sin. David's adultery w/B. lead to baby dying

- Gradual decline of David's kingdom, family. Future son, Absalom, would try to kill D.

 - Solomon was product of D + B. but his eventual downfall was 700 wives!

Ex of extreme effort to cover up personal sin? Cp. Aaron when Moses returned w/10 commandments and Aaron + people had gone wild! Aaron had made golden calf!

Ex. 32:2-4, what Aaron actually did. 32:24 - Aaron says golden calf came out of fire by itself!!!

Next week, David, A Godly Sinner, Part 3! David's extreme spiritual reversal, from darkness to light! Psalm 51 (read it if you can)


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