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Sep 6

Written by: PastorLouis
9/6/2017 10:38 AM 

 II.   Genuine repentance embraces who God is and who we are (Psalm 51:1-4).

 - 1 of our biggest struggles as Christians in US? Too low a view of God, too high of us?

       A.  God is infinitely loving and holy (51:1, 4).

We sing praise songs - see God high and lifted up - "Open The Eyes Of My Heart"

"To see you high and lifted up, shining in the light of your glory, pour out your power and love, as we sing Holy, Holy, Holy."

Cp. Is. 6:1-5. Did we watch the solar eclipse this past Mon am? Glory of God is brighter than the sun! Cp. Paul before King Agrippa sharing his encounter w/God on road to Damascus. - Acts. 26:13.

Is. 6:4 - Presence of God is literally earth shaking event! Almost terrifying!

Is 6:5 - Isaiah was terrified since Jews understood to see God would mean instant death!

Cp. Gen 32:30; Ex. 33:20

 How to get a better view of who God really is? Read, study, apply God's Word, focus on Person of Jesus Christ in gospels! Also, consider vastness and beauty of God's Creation!

Images of universe, trips + vacations to see more of God's creation (LL + Vegas, man's creations along the Strip vs. God's creation at Red Rock, Valley of Fire!)


      B.  We must take full responsibility for our sin (51:2-4a).

No excuses, blaming others. Sincere apology to God and those we sinned against.

Not "Well, I'm sorry you were hurt!"

- Adam tried to blame God! Blame woman! Eve blamed serpent!

- Cp. Aaron when Moses was gone up on Mt. Sinai getting the 10 Commandments, Israelites went wild, Aaron made gold calf for people to worship! But when Moses confronted Aaron, Aaron told an incredible lie! Cp. Ex. 32:23-24


 III.  Genuine repentance leads to effective evangelism (51:12-15).

What kind of Christian is an unbeliever more likely to listen to?

Self righteous, pompous, holier than thou type?

Or humble, sincere, person who is moved to tears at God's love and grace in their life?

Cp. Is. 6:5-8. Greatest motivation for sharing our faith, God's love, is not to focus on plight of the lost, but focus on who God really is, high and lifted up!

This leads us to see our own sin more clearly. Then we cry out to God for His mercy, grace, forgiveness. We experience God's love, grace, cleansing.



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