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Bible Studies

Monday Night Bible Study

Leader:  Stan Spencer

Meeting Day: Mondays

Meeting Time: 7:00-8:00pm with member provided refreshments/snacks afterwards.

Age: No age boundaries

Attendance: Usually ten to twelve members are present. Ages vary, but is heavy on seniors. 

Subjects/Studies: We use the Our Daily Bread pamphlet distributed by the RBC Ministries that operates out of Michigan. Our Daily Bread offers stories and scripture references related to the stories. In addition to Our Daily Bread and as a variety, we have recently been looking at a question "Once saved, can we fall away from God?" We try to divide the time between the two sources. Our Daily Bread doesn't concentrate on any particular part of the Bible, so coverage is from Genesis to Revelations. 

Teaching Method: We rely on discussion, however, as the leader, I do a fair amount of research to help explain the scripture passages and Our Daily Bread stories. We take turns reading the scripture passages and Our Daily Bread stories. We begin our study with a hymn, prayer (prayer requests) and we have a closing prayer. I don't have a set alternate, but Joe Yee helps out sometimes especially when I have gone on vacation. Members are encouraged to invite others, but if the numbers should exceed 15, we would need to think about splitting the group to allow for better participation. 

Goals: Over the years we have learned that many in our congregation don't habitually read scripture every day. Many have problems looking up scripture references. Our aim is to encourage everyone to develop a habit of reading scripture daily and to become familiar with the process of looking up scripture passages throughout the Bible. Our Daily Bread has a story and a scripture reading for each day of the week. We also encourage prayer during Bible Study and throughout the week. We are trying to become aware of the multitude of ministries that God makes available to us such as reaching out to those in ill health, providing food for the sick, helping with the food closets, supporting the Hollanders (Missionaries in Asia) and to keep involved with CCC internal ministries.


Tuesday Men’s Bible Study/Fellowship 

Leader/s:  Pastor Doman Lum, Tom Fong (Elder) or Ed Silva (Deacon)  

Meeting Day:  Tuesdays 

Meeting Time:  7:00pm

Age:  No age limits 

Description:  The Tuesday men's Bible study is an informal time for men to share what they are learning from their own reading and study of God's Word, and gives various insights into biblical issues of relevance to men.   However, each man is encouraged to share anything they have learned recently from their own reading of Scripture, or from listening to a sermon, or any other source of biblical teaching.   Emphasis is placed on the practical real life application of God's Word.  Come check us out whenever you can.   We meet in the church conference room adjacent to the church office. 

Why Real Men Attend Bible Study…… 

 "The fellowship and growth as well as the rich diversity and uncompromising acceptance I experience within the CCC Men's Bible study has become the highlight of my week!"  

"It’s a blessing to be around racially diverse Christian men, ranging in age from 20 to 60+ . . . . . What we have in common is the desire to know God better through His Word, fellowship and prayer."  

"We learn about each other’s struggles, triumphs, and personal life stories." 

"It's a very safe and confidential place to share what's going on in my life and seek direction without judgment." 

"Our Men's Bible study has become the highlight of my week.  I look forward to every Tuesday and am disappointed when I cannot be there. . . . The diversity in this group is incredible (age, ethnicity, culture, education, social, economic, ...).  I believe it is a foretaste of what Heaven will be like.  Each one's differing background adds to the richness of the group, all held together by the bond we have it Christ."  

"I attend to learn about the Bible and its meaning.  I look forward to the sharing and obtaining new ideas from others in real life experiences."  

"All of us appreciate having the confidence that what is shared stays confidential."



Wednesday Women’s Bible Study/Fellowship 

Leader/s:  Adele Din (Elder) and Mei Fong (Deacon)

Meeting Day:   Wednesdays  

Meeting Time:  7:00pm

Age:  Women young and old are welcome






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