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About SIMA (Sacramento Internal Martial Art)

We are a few guys: Steve Chan, John Wong, Ron Otsuji and Martin Wong. We been practicing Internal Martial Art together for the past twenty years and Wing Chun Kung Fu since the early 80's. From the mid 60's to the late 70's, we each learned different styles of Kung Fu and Karate.

We have been referred to by Master Sam Tam as the Sacramento Warriors and "Da Boys" by some of our students. Either way we all enjoy sharing our knowledge of the arts.

Brief description

The practice of Internal Martial Art for health and enlightenment reduces stress and improves many areas of the practitioner's life. Tai Chi and Chi Kung have been used to ease arthritis pain, develop structural body strength, enhance balance, increase flexibility and deepen spiritual awareness. Tai Chi, Yi Quan and Chi Kung are ancient holistic disciplines for increasing the flow of Chi through the body's meridian system, and are time tested systems of relaxation and exercise designed to promote health maintenance and spiritual well being. At the same time they also have serious applicability to self defense.

Classes taught at the Chinese Community Church are intended as part of our outreach ministry and service to our community. These classes will focus primarily on Yang style Tai Chi Chuan as taught by Master Sam Tam. Our focus is on developing, and cultivating the feeling and use of Chi in all areas of our practice and our lives. Through the practice of Tai Chi and Yi Quan's Zhan Zhang standing meditation as handed down from Wang Xiang Zhai, Han Hsing-Yuen and Master Sam Tam, our students are able to develop their skills based on world class instruction.

Our goals

The focus of our practice is on correct internal principal as demonstrated and taught by Master Sam Tam. The core of the program is developed from Yi Quan's Zhan Zhuang standing meditation practice, Chi development and hands on training with Master Sam Tam. You will learn about internal strength and energy developed via a hands on learning experience of mind/body connections. Internal strength and the ability to understand, feel and use internally generated energy develops and strengthens any martial or sports endeavor.

Who our are we trying to attract

Two groups:

  • Group one for health - for anyone who wants to learn about chi and want to make themselves stronger, healthier and have better balance.
  • Group two for martial arts - for anyone who wants to learn how to apply chi into their martial arts.

For More Information, contact: Steve, John, Ron, or Martin at



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